how to lose thigh fat – 3 Simple Steps

Well as you’ve probably been told a million times over – you can thank your genetic makeup for blessing you with such well-endowed thighs. Yes. That’s said to be the reason why, after reaching your ideal weight, you still have that one problem area which is just the biggest pain to shift. asking yourself how to lose thigh fat.

But apparently, it’s not just genetics that is to blame for our thunder thighs. It’s our hormones too estrogen in particular causes fatty tissue to be stored in our thighs, hips, and buttocks. Then once we hit menopause there is a shift in the way that fat is stored. You’ll be pleased to know the fatty deposits get re-distributed away from our hips, butt, and thighs…  to our bellies. Just grrrreat!

That sounds all doomy and gloomy, doesn’t it? But, is there an alternative way to deal with these dreaded thigh problems other than simply writing them off to genetics, hormones, and age?

According to this resource for women, there is. The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Program claims to have the solution to ‘fixing your thigh problems. I’ll talk a bit more about this later, but if you can’t resist a sneaky peak at the program, go right ahead.

Magic Lotions, Vibrating Belts, and Other Shiny Things

So you’ve reached the point where you’re so fed up with clothes not fitting you right. Enough is ENOUGH. You may have started to wonder about all the creams, lotions, potions, fitness machines, gadgets, and thingamajigs that happily offer a magical solution to your big thigh issues.

Yes, I too see plenty of adverts screaming: ‘fat thighs and cellulite eliminated just by applying this ointment 3 times daily and ‘attach this vibrating belt to your leg for 10 minutes a day and see your fat melt away.

Personally, I don’t buy into all that.

Show me one of these products which will 100% guarantee to spot reduce your thigh fat WITHOUT you having to watch your diet or do any form of exercise, and I’ll eat my left shoe. Spot reduction is a big old fallacy that just leads to raised hopes and disappointment.

 how to lose thigh fat fast?

Although you may not be able to change genetics (unfortunately you will always have large thighs), you will be able to essentially lose weight on your thighs through exercise and diet.

Step 1: You’ve Got to Exercise Right

Exercising without watching what you eat is a bit like swimming in a sea of sand. All the extra effort will wear you out and add some definition to your muscles, but who’ll be able to see past the fat surrounding you? To lose weight on your thighs you’ll need to combine diet with a good fitness program; one which includes both strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

If you’re serious about losing thigh fat; squats, step-ups, and leg lunges blended with high-intensity cardio work are what you should really be focussing on.

Ultimately you’re looking at increasing muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the quicker you will burn the fat. Remember muscle tissue uses 3 times as much energy as fat does. And as I mentioned above the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Program seems to offer a solution that has worked for women, according to the testimonials on the site. The creator, Joey Atlas also seems to be the right pedigree – former fat kid turns personal trainer and fitness coach.

His program is designed specifically for women and is built on the principle of doing the right set of exercises without the need for heavy-weight training. And thank goodness too, I mean do you really want to run the risk of making your thighs look even BIGGER? Nah!  I suggest you check the program out for yourself. Give it a whirl, what’s to lose apart from fat thighs…

Step 2:You’ve Got to Eat Right

It’s in the diet. If you eat a load of fatty, high carb food then you are going to store it in all the wrong places, unless you’re burning it ten to the dozen. Your metabolism places a huge part in how quickly you lose weight.

The key here is to stay within the confines of a healthy low-carb diet. Plenty of fresh fish, protein, fruit, and vegetables. Also, don’t forget the fluids. As well as keeping you hydrated throughout your diet, water has the added benefit of helping to burn calories quicker, as well as flushing out any toxins created by the calories you’ve just burned.

It may be worth adding a Juice Detox supplement to your diet for further cleansing and detoxification.

Step 3:You’ve Got to Think Right

By this, I mean being honest and true to yourself. Before asking yourself: how to lose thigh fat? You have to answer these questions frankly :

  • Are you really ready to take on the commitment of changing your body shape for the better?
  • Are you in a good place emotionally to be able to do so?
  • Do you have a good support network or mechanisms in place to help you should you become de-motivated?

This right here is big stuff. It’s not about picking at a few lettuce leaves and going to the gym whenever you feel like it. It’s about changing you’re outlook and approach to your overall health – a life-long commitment and lifestyle change. That way, not only will you achieve your goal to lose weight on your thighs, you’ll be able to keep the weight at bay. Why? Because you will have retained all the good and healthy habits you picked up along the way, making them part of your daily routine.

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