Top Foods for Weight Loss: What to Eat to Lose Weight

With so much conflicting information on nutrition and dieting, it’s becoming increasingly harder to know the Top Foods for Weight Loss.

Is it any wonder why you’ve been struggling for so long to shift those few extra pounds? How are you supposed to know what the best foods for weight loss are? There are so many diet plans available to choose from but they tend to tell you different things and further add to the confusion.

Well, I’m going to whittle it down to basics here. I’ll tell you about three types of food which will certainly help you to lose weight and stay healthy.

Top Foods for Weight Loss:

1.  Lean Meat

Not one for all the veggies out there so turns away now. Nothing beats a nice piece of lean chicken when it comes to foods for weight loss. The word lean is the key here, so of course, I’m talking about skinless chicken. But why is it so great as a weight loss food?  Well, for starters chicken is protein rich with very little fat content.

If your diet contains high levels of protein, you will be better able to build lean muscles. And lean muscles are what you want! You see the leaner your muscles are, the quicker your metabolic rate will be. A faster metabolic rate means you will burn fat at a rapid pace. You’ll then start to lose overall body weight and begin to feel much better about the way you look.

If the chicken doesn’t float your boat, a great alternative is Turkey breast.  In fact, any meat that is lean will offer you the same benefits as chicken.

Red meat on the other hand tends to be fattier, so try to cut this down as much as you possibly can.

Fish is also another great food source when it comes to losing weight.  Fish which contains Omega-3 fatty acids, such as tuna and salmon is particularly good for you. Omega-3 fatty acids are unsaturated fats that help to reduce the amount of Leptin in your body. Leptin is the hormone responsible for storing fat inside your body, so you can see why it’s important to keep the levels down. Omega-3 fatty acids are such an asset to weight loss – you really should include these in your diet if you don’t already.

2.  Organic Olive Oil (Preferably Extra Virgin)

Just like the Omega-3 fatty acids, we talked about above, Olive oil is another type of unsaturated fat you will want to add to your current diet plan. Olive oil is not only great for lowering your body’s cholesterol levels, which causes heart disease, but it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Organic olive oil is readily available to buy online or in stores. Making the switch over from your regular fatty cooking oil is, therefore, a pretty easy step to take.

3. Berries

Berries are classed as superfoods because of their superior antioxidant properties. they are great because there is a wide variety to choose from including strawberries blackberries and blueberries. They taste good and you can eat them morning, noon, and night until your heart’s content. You won’t put a single stitch of weight on.

Berries are packed with health-boosting vitamins and minerals and contain high levels of fiber, which as you may already know, are pretty good at suppressing your appetite.

The next time you’re feeling peckish, grab yourself a handful of berries – they make perfect snack food.

Hopefully, this article has made things a little clearer as to what to eat to lose weight. Although it doesn’t stop there; other foods such as eggs, coconut oil, almonds, peanuts, and oatmeal, to name a few are also foods that will help with healthy weight loss. The main thing is you now know Top Foods for Weight Loss and you can start your new healthy eating regimen today!

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