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Green Tea Supplements: How To Get Slim Fast

If you’ve desperately been trying to lose weight the natural way, you may want to pay serious attention to green tea supplements.


Because they contain powerful properties that will help you regulate your weight more effectively.

Not only are green tea supplements relatively inexpensive as far as weight loss options go, but they are also safe and provide a number of additional health benefits.

 Green Tea Benefits

Ultimately, there really are only two ways to lose weight: firstly, by eating less in a bid to reduce your overall calorie intake, and secondly, by burning more calories than you consume.

In order to do the second part well, you need energy and lots of it. This is where green tea products have proven to be successful.

Studies have confirmed that green tea contains high levels of catechin, an antioxidant that helps to control weight by stimulating the body’s thermogenesis process.

This in essence promotes the increase of energy and the breakdown of fatty cells in your body. It’s said that green tea can increase energy levels by as much as 4%.

Now whilst you could argue that most of the compounds found in plants can produce the same effect, they don’t all act in the same way.

What makes green tea unique is that it doesn’t increase your heart rate, unlike certain dietary supplements that claim to stimulate thermogenesis such as ephedrine.

The effect of green tea on overweight

Let’s face facts shall we, if you’re overweight you’re putting yourself at risk of developing hypertension and other forms of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore selecting supplements that do not put added pressure on your heart, such as green tea, makes for a wise decision.

Fortunately, drugs like ephedrine are not usually recommended if you fall into the cardiac risk category. Green tea is very much considered the best option.

And just think how much more you can increase your activity levels without increasing the risk of developing or worsening cardiac problems. It means you’ll be able to exercise more, which will also help you to lose weight quicker.

Not just that, the antioxidants contained in green tea may be beneficial to your health in other ways too. Green tea is said to strengthen your immune system and fight against the disease.

What’s great about green tea is that it’s so simple to add to your diet. If you already enjoy the occasional cup of tea, all you have to do is switch it out for green tea.

No need to fuss with milk or sweeteners either, because they are simply not required with this tea.

Adding Green Tea Supplements to Your Diet

If you’re not keen on the taste of green tea you can always buy green tea extract which is readily available in capsule form.

Do bear in mind that green tea also contains caffeine. The coffee drinkers amongst you are probably best sticking to just the green tea, otherwise, you could find yourself bouncing off the walls. In truth, you really should stay away from other forms of caffeinated beverages whilst you’re taking this particular variety of tea.

There are decaffeinated versions of green tea on the market, but know that if you try these they may not be as effective as regular green tea.

The reason being is that the chemical processes used to ‘decaffeinate’ the tea may have stripped away some of the plant’s natural ingredients. Do remember that just because you are taking green supplements, it’s not a license to go out and start eating whatever you want. You still need to exercise control over your food choices otherwise you will not lose weight.

Sticking to your regular calorific intake whilst taking green tea will help you to achieve steady weight loss. You will also see an improvement in your energy levels during the course of a few weeks.


To accelerate your weight loss even further, try reducing the number of calories you consume and increasing the amount of exercise you do.

Green tea really is a cheap, easy, and very simple way to help with weight control. You can start incorporating green tea supplements into your diet today.

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